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Colletotrichum Workshop II 2010: Colletotrichum: Species, ecology and interactions

As a response to the rapidly increasing interest in Colletotrichum systematics, pathology and genetics, the SECOND 2010 Colletotrichum workshop will take place on 1 August at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, as a satellite meeting to IMC9, organized by Paul Cannon ( and Ulrike Damm ( Participants will need to register at the conference website ( but do not have to pay for the entire meeting. Contact Paul or Ulrike, especially if you would like to make a short presentation about your work.

Species concepts in the economically important genus Colletotrichum have been undergoing revolutionary change in recent years. The old morphology-based species are rapidly being superseded by taxa that are largely defined by molecular sequence. Cryptic species are increasingly being recognized that cannot be reliably separated using morphological or cultural methods. In a number of cases, however, these demonstrably monophyletic units do not show marked host preference or shared pathogenic characteristics. This apparent paradox reduces the utility of the new classifications to the applied communities, especially to pathologists. We also know too little about the evolutionary significance of the varied nutritional/pathological strategies shown by Colletotrichum, especially the mechanisms by which colonies change status from endophyte/hemibiotroph to aggressive pathogen on the one hand, or to saprotroph on the other.

There will also be opportunities to exchange information relating to the rapidly increasing number of whole-genome sequencing projects that are planned or already in operation.

The meeting will bring together key workers from the academic and applied sectors to share knowledge, review progress and set priorities for further studies.