Colletotrichum Meeting after the Fungal Genetics Conference at Asilomar

We are pleased to announce that the Colletotrichum Workshop will be held in conjunction with the Fungal Genetics Conference at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove California on Sunday, March 25 2007.

Colletotrichum Meeting Organizers:

  • Lisa Vaillancourt, University of Kentucky, USA (email)
  • Dov Prusky, Agricultural Research Organization, The Volcani Center, Israel

Tentative Schedule: (please follow this link)

Time and Place: The meeting is scheduled for 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Asilomar conference center. Details will be announced during the Fungal Genetics Conference.

Housing: Since the meeting will take the whole day on March 25th, many people have elected to book a room for an extra night at the Asilomar Conference Grounds. Lynn Epstein has coordinated the booking for most people and it may be too late to add additional people. If you need to stay an extra night, please contact Lisa Vaillancourt of Lynn Epstein for more information.

Posters: We would like to compile a list of posters and talks that will be presented during the fungal genetics conference. If you are planning a presenetation involving Colletotrichum during the meeting, please send your title to Lisa Vaillancourt and we can incude it in the list.